Spy Gear for Kids Review

There are tons of spy-themed movies out there to spark kids’ imaginations, and fortunately there is a plethora of spy toys available to help those imaginations to really soar. The right toys inspire creative and active play that takes kids away from their TVs and touchscreens and encourages them to complete secret missions where they'll uncover hidden plots and chase down fugitives with their trusty spy tools. Any young spy's main objective is, of course, fun – and these entertaining toys deliver that in mass quantities.

Best Spy Gear for Kids: What to Look For

When you start to consider what spy gear to purchase for your child, there are a number of factors to consider. How old your child is and how they play is very important. You should also consider the function of the toy or kit. Does it include options for secret communication, surveillance or other uses? Look for spy toys with the following characteristics.

Age-Appropriate Features and Play Styles
It is no secret that children who are 6 play differently from those who are 12. Imaginations, world view and creativity are all drastically different at various stages of a child’s development. Younger children tend to prefer low-concept toys that perform a simple function, like voice disguise. Older children are much more adept with high-concept toys that require more play-acting and complex functions, like recording secret messages.

Communication Functions
Secret communication is a must for any spy, so this is an important function for the best spy gear for kids to have. If you only buy two spy toys instead of multiple toys or a full kit, a communication tool should be one of them. Hidden messages, decoders and invisible ink are all great starts.

Surveillance Functions
Hidden surveillance is the other vital component to a spy’s success. Whether you’re gathering secret video or audio, hard evidence is tantamount to most investigations and missions. Look for toys that do one or both of these to ensure a realistic mission.

Other Functions
A complete kit of spy gear contains more than just communication and surveillance items. For the full experience, look also for attack items like a disc shooter, and detection items like a motion sensor.

After you consider your child’s maturity, play style and gear preference, picking out the best piece of spy gear should be a snap. And with a variety of gear options, all at reasonable price points, you can pick out a few toys for your little spy-to-be. If you need some help getting started in your search, check out our reviews for a detailed list of features, functions and styles.